WCIT 2014

WCIT 2014

It is an international high level congress that brings together more than 50 exhibitors and up to 2,500 delegates from around 80 countries, such as Corporate leaders, Policymakers, Government officials and Academia Members to discuss emerging issues on ICTs, debate hot topics, and address how legal, political, and economic trends affect business models.

Under the theme “Building the Digital Age Together”, WCIT 2014 will feature a high level conference program, B2B meetings, innovation showcases and more.

Theme: Building the Digital Age Together

ICT is fast becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. The potential of innovations goes beyond incremental improvements in the efficiency of existing products and services.

The ICT revolution is making the tools and services we depend upon smarter. They are drastically transforming how services are provided, requiring new business models to replace traditional ways of doing things. But the sector must still do more; setting more consistent goals and pioneering the smart solutions it can offer to all.

The WCIT is intended to serve as the proper platform for the industry, policy makers and academy to show their peers, how ICT innovations are helping them to create new alternatives for a challenging world.


The WCIT 2014 is a real-time global conversation that brings together the following participants:

  • ICT senior executives
  • CIOs from a variety of sectors: Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Government,
  • Media, Arts & Culture, Telecom, Financial Services, and Natural Resources & Energy.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Policymakers and public servants
  • Members of the academic community
  • Staff and members of associations that are active in major sectors
  • Spokespersons from NGOs
  • Community leaders
  • Civil society
  • ICT senior executives
  • CEOs from a variety of sectors
  • Policymakers and public servants


Considered the most dynamic, versatile and important Exhibition/ Convention Center in Mexico, with an enormous projection throughout Latin America, Expo Guadalajara is the perfect venue for the WCIT 2014.

Only 35 minutes away from Guadalajara’s International Airport, this high-end facility began operations in 1987, and since then it has managed to maintain the highest levels of occupation.

With 120,000 m2 of construction space, it hosts more than 150 events every year, including some of the most important trade shows in the region in the publishing, hardware, furniture, transportation and commerce sectors.

For more information, please visit  wcit2014.org