Timeless Leadership Seminar

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Timeless Leadership Seminar

Έναρξη 00:00 - Λήξη 00:00

 Prof. Stefano D'Anna
This seminar is about applying the ideas and principles of Timeless Leadership for success in business and enhancement of corporale longevity. Timeless management is about governing oneself before governing the others. There are no techniques but work on one’s being, work of self-study, self-observation to know oneself.

CEO, Businessmen, Professionals, Managers, Professors.

Content of the Seminar (4 main topics)

  1. Timeless LeadershipSeminar Photo
    The seminar will provide a journey into the minds of remarkable men, timeless leaders, to explore their psychology, through studying their words, decisions and deeds: from Giulio Cesare to Henry Ford, from George Washington to John D. Rockefeller and N.M. Rothschild, from Marco Aurelio to visionaries, pragmatic dreamers, great corporate leaders of our time.

  2. Integrity
    The sense of existence, the direction of the world, of events and of men, throughout time, is an insuppressible impulse towards unity, compactness, completeness, integrity.

    The Seminar puts “integrity” in a new light, and establishes it as a key economic factor. The course will analyse and discuss cases of organizations that disappeared or degraded for lack of integrity and organizations that reached unprecedented operational and financial success through firm adherence to principles and values that may be summarized in this single word: integrity. This Seminar views Integrity as the central quality of leadership.As a leader, it is not knowledge, money, degrees, or social standing that you need for success so much as a sixth sense, intuition, and a seventh sense, vision. They are the fruits of a work on unity of being, responsibility, fearlessness. In one word: Integrità

  3. ESEManaging for Corporate Longevity
    “There’s never been a moment before this moment or a moment after it. Nor there will ever be! All that you see and touch, and all that you don’t, is created in this very moment. Only now we can do. The moment is the territory of the ‘dream’. Plans and programs happen in time and space, soon or later they plummet and fail.”.

  4. The Art of Dreaming
    “The ordinary man does not dream, he blindly obeys a hypnotic description of existence and is moved by the invisible strings of his mechanicalness and negative emotions.  He has forgotten his uniqueness, his nature as creator because he does not have access to himself.  He does not know himself!...