The PolicyTracker Public Sector Spectrum Conference

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The PolicyTracker Public Sector Spectrum Conference

Έναρξη 09:00 - Λήξη 17:00

For European spectrum regulators public sector spectrum is "one of the priorities for 2009", according to Dániel Pataki, chairman of the EU Radio Spectrum Policy Group.

With the Group currently drawing up recommendations on best practice in the field and mounting commercial interest in accessing public sector bands, this PolicyTracker  conference is an ideal opportunity to explore the implications of new policies in this emerging area.

Liberalisation of the sector is finding favour in the UK and Australia, but other countries are pursuing different approaches.

The full agenda is available here but topics at this conference will include:

      • Case studies of public sector spectrum policy from around the world
      • Commercial possibilities in public sector spectrum
      • Wireless broadband in former military frequencies 
      • The use of public sector spectrum for backhaul services
      • Legal and technical issues
      • Market mechanisms in the public sector
      • New research on public sector spectrum policy

Among the speakers are leading experts from several countries, including:

      • Pearse O'Donohue, Head of Radio Spectrum Unit*
      • Professor Martin Cave, Warwick University
      • Jean-Yves Montford, RSPG and ANFR
      • Peter Anker, military spectrum expert at the Dutch economics ministry
      • Jeppe Jepsen, Motorola and PSC-Europe

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