ICT Spending in Greece 2010 Recovery and Transformation

Εντός Ελλάδας

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ICT Spending in Greece 2010 Recovery and Transformation

Έναρξη 09:00 - Λήξη 17:00

The current economic environment both around the world and Greece remains volatile. According to IDC’s analysts, 2010 will be a year of modest recovery for the IT and telecommunications industries. However, the recovery will not mean a return to the pre-recession status quo. Rather, we'll see a radically transforming marketplace — driven by surging demand in some markets, growing impact from the cloud services model, an explosion of mobile devices and applications, and the continuing rollout of higher-speed networks. These transformational forces will drive key players to redefine themselves and their offerings and will spark lots of M&A activity.

IDC Greece organises a 2010 kick-off briefing where our analysts will wrap up the past year and present a forecast for 2010.

The event will illuminate key growth opportunities for 2010, relevant to many different segments and players in the IT marketplace that require major structural change within companies and across the industry — and therefore present a unique opportunity for competitive advantage for those companies that recognize and navigate through the market's changes faster and better than others.

The briefing will be concluded with an interactive Round-table discussion featuring invited speakers sharing their views on the covered subjects and answering questions from the audience.

Key Topics to be addressed at the Executive Briefing:

  • Global and EMEA Economic situation and ICT Market Trends
  • IT Spending in Greece in various Technology Categories, Trends and Forecast 2008-2010. Detailed analyses of the current market’s situation impact to the IT spending in the following segments:

      Hardware market (PC-Servers, storage market);

      Software market (operation systems, IT security software, enterprise applications)

      IT Services (infrastructure solutions, applications linking to services, IT outsourcing)

      The Greek Telecommunications Services Market

      The Greek Vertical Spending on ICT with focus on Government, Finance, Utility.

    Why Attend?

    The IDC Briefing is directed to all ICT vendors and buyers in Greece. It would provide an overview of IT spending trends and forecasts in the main vertical markets and technology categories. Key industry developments, industry challenges, vertical-specific IT drivers and trends will be presented based on continuous research and monitoring of user IT spending, emerging purchasing patterns, and supply and demand-side research.

    Within this event, IDC Greece analysts will provide you with essential guidance and insight regarding the evolution of the IT sector, in each of the vertical market that the company follows and reports on.

    Who should attend?

  • CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Vice-Presidents and General Managers
  • ICT company managers, sales leaders, startegysts and marketing executives
  • Joint Secretaries and Deputy Director Generals or above of Central Government and state government ministries/departments/offices
  • Business and technology decision-makers IT purchase influencers
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