Adapting Copyright to New Forms of Exploitation

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Adapting Copyright to New Forms of Exploitation

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European Law in Mutation

Trier, 12-13 Jun 2008
Fee: EUR 700.00
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English, French, German
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Event Number 208D02

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Conference programme (PDF - 315 KB)

Areas of Law
Competition Law, Intellectual Property, Media Law

Conference Organiser(s)
Florence Hartmann-Vareilles, ERA

Target audience
Lawyers, administrations, copyright protection associations, interest groups, companies involved in copyright management

The objectives of the Directive 2001/29/EC are to adapt legislation on copyright and related rights to reflect technological developments, particularly to the information society.

As key notions such as “communication to the public”, “responsibility of intermediaries” and exceptions to protection are not specified in the Directive, Member States have significant margin in certain aspects of implementation, which leads to a lack of harmonisation at European level.

Disparities in and consequences of this patchwork will be presented, discussed and illustrated by national reports at the conference. Attention will be drawn to recent national and ECJ case law affecting the subject matter regulated under the Directive. A special focus will be given to the links existing between the Directive and other legal instruments such as EU directives on e-commerce and data protection.

The European Commission’s current reflections on cross-border collective management of copyright, notably relating to online music, will also be discussed.

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