WICT 2008 ∙ Malta ∙ 17-18 November 2008

Εκτός Ελλάδας

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WICT 2008 ∙ Malta ∙ 17-18 November 2008

Έναρξη 10:00 - Λήξη 17:00

WICT 2008 is the 1st National ICT Conference organised by the Faculty of ICT within the University of Malta. The purpose of this conference is to promote research and applications of technologies and practices in the field of ICT. WICT 2008 solicits the submission of original papers dealing with both theoretical and practical aspects of ICT research. Authors are encouraged to present repeatability of their experiments and share with the community the data and test harnesses used. Topics should include (but are not limited to) any aspect from the following fields:
    - Computer Information Systems

    - Computer Science

    - Artificial Intelligence

    - Communications and Computer Engineering

    - Micro and Nano electronics

Why WICT? - With the primary aim of promoting innovation, WICT is exposing current research efforts being carried out by University Students, Researchers, and Academics, enabling:

  • researchers to direct their efforts onto areas of national and international relevance,
  • students to investigate their potential research areas in line with industry requirements

  • market players to see what the academic arena has to offer in terms of R&D and recruitment opportunities

Wict.eu also aims at creating an EU-wide R&D collaboration platform, promoting the above objectives at a pan-European level.

These workshops are targeted towards the following groups:

    - Post/Undergraduate students

    - Researchers

    - Industry players seeking R&D opportunities

    - Entrepreneurs