The European Electric Vehicles Conference 2011

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The European Electric Vehicles Conference 2011

Έναρξη 09:00 - Λήξη 17:00

The arguments surrounding how best to achieve a low carbon transport system in Europe are now well developed, however controversy over how best to proceed and where resources should be best allocated remains elusive. The drive to move from fossil fuels to electrically powered cars has been promoted by some as a silver bullet carrying both environmental and economic advantages, however there remain significant challenges before electric vehicles are rolled out on a commercially viable scale.

With passenger cars (including light vans) accounting for 12% of all CO2 emissions within the European Union and even with the significant reductions stemming from the recent CO2 emissions standards, EU GHG targets beyond 2030 cannot be met without a technological step-change. Electric vehicle over the longer term offer excellent prospects for innovation, growth, jobs and EU competitiveness within the global context, however the work required before 2030 will be key.

How should European policy-makers, car manufacturers, suppliers and energy companies react to ensure electric vehicles become a viable EU wide option for consumers, and are there blockages in the system which are preventing Europe from playing a leading role in the development of these innovative technologies?

The European Electric Vehicles Conference -
Will electric vehicles become a reality in Europe?
SAVE THE DATE - 26th May, 2011. Brussels.