The Athens International Forum on SecurITy

Εντός Ελλάδας

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The Athens International Forum on SecurITy

Έναρξη 00:00 - Λήξη 00:00
Hilton Hotel, Athens

Information Security across the Enterprise

The Athens International Forum on Security (AIFS), initiated and organized by the Hellenic American Union,
a non-profit institution, is the first independent information security conference in Greece to deliver
vendor-neutral expertise to proactive IT professionals.

AIFS aims to provide a fresh, in-depth look into information security technologies, policies, techniques, and
best practices, and to help all parties involved, from front-line IT personnel to policy makers, gain valuable
insights into key information security issues.

Why to attend

AIFS is a value-for-money event for four main reasons:

  • Theory and practice: there are four keynote presentations and sixteen topics organized
    within four different tracks that address hot information security issues at different levels.
    There are also eight workshops that feature how-to demonstrations and give specific answers to
    security-related problems that you face as an IT professional.

  • Vendor-neutral content: leading industry practitioners and security experts will share their
    knowledge and experience to help you better understand how you can plan for, head off
    and deal with security challenges. Keynote presentations and topics do not include
    product presentations, but valuable information and advice.
  • Networking opportunities: you’ll have the chance to cultivate new business through direct contact
    with decision makers and prospective clients.
  • Vendors’ Exhibition: you can discover and evaluate products and services offered by different
    vendors throughout the conference.

Who should attend

IT support professionals, IT executives, network and system administrators, engineers, analysts,
IT auditors, IT project managers, network managers, and CIOs from all industries can benefit from
the conference.

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