The 6th ICT Security Forum

Εκτός Ελλάδας

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The 6th ICT Security Forum

Έναρξη 09:00 - Λήξη 17:00

Which will be held on July 12 -13, 2010, at Four Seasons Hotel - Damascus- Syria.      

Information security is absolutely essential, hot and renewable issue in the world of ICT, where the commercial, financial, Banking, Scientific, Services and Social sectors are increasingly dependent on ICT tools and technologies. The new development and innovation in the tools and information security technologies aims to assist companies, government and private sectors establishment to protect their assets of both information and IT systems against growing threats.

Syria is working towards boosting ICT sector on all levels. Several ambitious projects and investment opportunities are presented in ICT infrastructure and Internet. In this framework, Ministry of Communication and Technology has prepared a draft communication law and started preparation for the second stage of the mobile phone project where a license to a third or more GSM operators is to be given to provide mobile services in Syrian this year.      

Forum main Topics:
- Data Protection and Encryption
- Security and Privacy
- Prevention of Electronic Crimes
- Response Centers for Computer Emergency
- Standards and Evaluation of Information Security
- E-Commerce and Security of Banking Information System s
- Identity and Access management of IT Systems
- Case Studies of Successful Government IS projects
- Social Effect of Information Security
- Wireless Communication and Mobile Security      

  Accompanying activities     

• Exhibition:
On parallel to the Forum’s lectures, an exhibition in which many local and international parties will display the most up-to-date products and technologies related to ICT Security and particularly those in the area of Networking, Mobile & Wireless Communication, Banking, Internet Application Service Providers, and several Equipments and IT Security System.    

Forum Targets:     

The 5th Forum aims on diffusing the awareness of how important is information security, discussing all issues related to the security of information and IT systems, exposes the emerging threats to networks and IT systems and ways of implementing security measures, highlight the importance of human factor in the security of ICT systems, shows the importance of information security management availability and the legal dimension of information security, demonstrate  up-to-data technology and applications related to ICT security. The Forum will give a chance f bringing together experts, specialists and decision makers to discuss challenges and exchange ideas and expertise     

Lecturers and Participants:
• Elite of the most important International specialized companies will be present in the Forum to demonstrate the latest developments and technology they produce and use, sponsors are one of the most important participant in achieving successful forum.
• More than 700 participants will attend the Forum representing the top administrative and executive specialists in the ICT sector from ministries, directorates, government establishments, financial institutions, Internet Service Providers, Application software houses, training centers, private industrial and commercial companies, and universities).
• Speakers and lectures list combines top experts from the pioneer companies in the field of ICT, research centers and international consulting firms, in addition to government executives.