Telecommunications 08

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Telecommunications 08

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Ninth conference Telecommunications 08 is about to happen in less than 14 days! You shouldn’t miss the lectures of established experts from acknowledged companies and organizations such as: APEK, Astec, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, Iskrateling, IT tel, Mobitel, NLB, Perenič svetovanje, Telekom Slovenije, Telekom Srbije, Teletech, Valicon, Verso. This year’s special guest and professional keynote speaker is a marketing strategist Alan Moore. He will talk about the trends and vision for leveraging mobile access for business, achieving competitive advantage and creating techno icons. You can also expect interesting and up to date panel discussion about ‘User in the hub of telecommunications – marketing strategies'. Attendees will be: Zenel Batagelj, Partner and CEO / Valicon, Iztok Sila, Strategist / Telekom Slovenije, Danilo Tomsič, Sales director / Mobitel, Peter Curk, Marketing director / Si.mobil, Janez Rakušček, Creative department director / Luna TBWA, Petra Čadež, Head of Marketing Communications Department / Vip mobile, Petra Lapajne, Marketing consultant / Pristop, moderator Maja Makovec Brenčič.

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