Recovering Troubled Projects Workshop

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Recovering Troubled Projects Workshop

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Hellenic American Union

Recovering Troubled Projects Workshop

PM@HAU Newsletter Issue 8

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- The IPMA Universal Certification System

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PM@HAU Issue No. 8

How to prevent and manage troubled projects

9-10 June 2008                                    

This is one of the most advanced open workshops in Project Management ever offered in Greece!

by Dr. Dave Adkins, PMP

Project failure can happen to anybody and to any project. Given the high percentage of troubled projects (52% of completed projects met their proposed funtionality, at 189% of their initial budget - Standish Chaos report), you will very likely find yourself tasked with returning a project to health at some point in your career.

Course goals:

This 2 day fast moving and focussed course will help participants to:

  • Understand why projects get into trouble, or fail altogether, by self-discovery, in facilitated workshops as well as by experiencing several examples from other enterprises
  • Recognize troubled projects early and involve stakeholders in the assessment and recovery planning
  • Implement effective project risk planning, control and reporting for good communication
  • Plan, identify and manage risk through interactive project teams

Course design
The first day includes an overview of why project succeed or fail and detailed discussion of rapid assessment and recovery of troubled projects.  The second day covers risk tooks and techniques in modern project management with emphasis on planning, risk identification, risk analysis, risk response planning and risk monitoring and control.
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Is this for me?

The course is targeted at new and experienced project managers who need effective, but simple techniques to manage and prevent troubled projects.

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