Introduction to Modern Telecoms

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Introduction to Modern Telecoms

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This foundation programme offers the ideal introduction to the technology and market for fixed and mobile telecoms networks and services to non-technical staff and those new to the industry.

This course provides an excellent grounding in Modern Telecommunications covering services, applications, technologies and networks within fixed, mobile and data/internet environments and enables delegates to gain a comprehensive view of the industry and its evolution towards a converged multimedia network.

Why should you attend this course?

Attend this highly regarded 3-day foundation level programme and you will be able to:

  • Chart the evolution of telecoms and appreciate global trends in the development of service
  • Describe the basic requirements of all networks and discuss the role of applications and services
  • Understand the advantages of various transmission systems (Copper, Radio, Fibre Optics)
  • State current and future Fixed Network concepts
  • Discuss Mobile Networks and their migration paths (1G, 2G, 2.5G and 3G)
  • Explain the fundamentals of IP and Data Communications and the operation of the Internet
  • Understand modern radio systems including Bluetooth, WiFI, WiMAX, TETRA and Satellite-based systems
  • Discuss the evolving world of Telecoms

Course Summary:

  • Introducing the Basics
  • Services and Applications
  • Transmission Systems
  • Switching Systems
  • Signalling Systems
  • Supporting systems
  • Techniques used in Modern Fixed Networks
  • Techniques used in Mobile Networks
  • Techniques used in Data Communications
  • Introduction to IP and the Internet
  • Introduction to Radio Systems

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Introduction to Modern Telecoms

Who Should Attend this Course?

This programme is aimed at those in non technical roles or those new to the telecoms industry and it assumes no prior knowledge. It is presented in a clear and easy to understand format and our trainers are expert in making technical issues accessible to those without technical knowledge.

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