IDC Business Intelligence Roadshow 2010

Εντός Ελλάδας

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IDC Business Intelligence Roadshow 2010

Έναρξη 09:00 - Λήξη 20:00


Business intelligence (BI) can play an instrumental role in a business's success by enabling and facilitating the business to use its valuable information and data to obtain answers to business questions. The latest trends and innovations enable us to tap into a greater reservoir of sources, including unstructured data, and to deliver actionable information to managers for better and faster business decisions. Most simply put, BI helps an organization become a more competitive market player - one that can quickly grasp opportunities as they emerge.


The roadshow will cover the following main topics to reflect the latest trends in business analytics, information access, and performance management:

·  Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

·  Unified Information Access (UIA)

·  Enterprise Search

·  Rich Information and Internet Applications

·  Corporate Performance Management

·  Next-Generation Analytics

·  Data Warehousing and Advances in Database Technology

·  Data Quality Standardization with ISO 8000

·  Cloud-Based and Service-Oriented Technologies in BI