CEPS 4th Annual European Energy Policy Conference

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CEPS 4th Annual European Energy Policy Conference

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Securing European Energy Supplies: Making the right choices now

17th & 18th March 2009 - Brussels


Join more than 150 stakeholders - only limited places available.

For more information & online registration, please visit www.euenergypolicy.com

or call James Wilmott on +44 (0) 2920 783 022 / jwilmott@epsilonevents.com.

The second strategic energy review, published by the European Commission in November 2008, gave new impetus to the discussion about energy security of supply in Europe. It contains concrete proposals on how to deal with risks and emergency situations and represents yet another stepping-stone towards a future European energy policy. Within the context of these proposals and linked to the importance of energy security on the EU political agenda in 2009, the fourth annual CEPS/Epsilon energy conference will look at how the EU and its energy sector can prepare for the challenges posed by global energy markets. It will deal with energy in the framework of general security issues but also in the light of the EU’s climate change policy. The external dimension of security of supply will feature prominently, focusing on Europe’s eastern partners, the growing role of the Mediterranean and the potential of developing countries in shaping the response of the EU to current supply risks.  It will also assess the potential that new technologies and the more rapid diffusion of existing technologies has on the EU’s twin challenges; energy security and combating climate change.
If you are interested in attending, sponsoring or speaking at this conference please contact James Wilmott on +44 (0) 2920 783 022 or email jwilmott@epsilonevents.com. You can also download here the Energy 09 Sponsorship prospectus.

Online registration available at
www.euenergypolicy.com where you will also find full registration costs including discounts.

For more information or to be kept fully updated as the arrangements for this event come together, please contact James Wilmott- jwilmott@epsilonevents.com / +44 (0) 2920 783 022