2nd Electronics & Battery Recycling '09

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2nd Electronics & Battery Recycling '09

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On behalf of the International Steering Committee and the supporting organizations we welcome you to Electronics & Battery Recycling '09.

Continually, we are seeing evidence of change in the electronics and battery recycling industries. This conference aims to create a forum for stakeholders in the electronics and battery recycling industry to meet and discuss how these industries will continue to evolve. The conference brings together leading experts from all over the world and allows for multi viewpoint discussions and debate.

Again this year, the conference is structured to offer parallel sessions addressing the unique issues of the electronics and battery recycling industries. It also includes a large exhibition area and plant tours to the leading recycling and smelting companies in Canada.

End of life electrical and electronic equipment and spent batteries represent one of the biggest and fastest growing waste streams worldwide. These waste streams represent a significant environmental challenge but also an opportunity to conserve valuable resources. Managing it represents a challenge that has engaged a wide group of stakeholders. The focus going forward must be to arrive at solutions that are sustainable.

There are many reasons to attend in this conference. I wish all participants a productive stay in Toronto and look forward to meeting you in the Westin Harbour Castle hotel, a venue with a breathtaking view of Toronto's lake front.