Benefits for Members

Since its founding in 1995, the Federation of Hellenic ICT Enterprises (SEPE):

  • Represents the voice of the Digital Technology sector
  • Shapes proposals for the present and future of Digital Technology companies
  • Is the institutional interlocutor and partner of the state, with a central focus and a key strategic axis on the rapid exploitation of technology for the prosperity of Greek society and the development of national economy
  • Participates in shaping a common European policy

In this context, SEPE has established specialized committees in which its member-companies participate. Through their regular meetings, these committees shape corresponding positions and proposals, defending the interests and demands of the Digital Technology sector and businesses.

The committees of SEPE (2023-2025 period) are as follows:

  • Digital Governance Committee
  • Telecommunications Committee
  • Digital Economy Committee

There are also Working Groups for the following topics: MyData e-Books, Intellectual Property Rights, Digital Card, Transformation of Public Administration, Human Resources, Public Contracts 

Become a member of SEPE and actively participate in events and committees

  • Your voice gains strength and influence in public discourse and decision-making centers
  • You have significant networking opportunities in Greece and abroad
  • You actively shape positions and policies at the national and international levels 

Strength in Unity

At the same time, SEPE is already leading an effort to address the digital skills gap in our country and fill the void in specialized ICT professionals in Greece, supporting the direct digital transformation of the national economy.

Become a member of SEPE and shape the future of technology!

SEPE offers its members the opportunity to network with organizations, opinion leaders, distinguished professionals in the field, share opinions and expertise, and stay informed about the latest developments.


  • Information about SEPE's activities and its members, along with the opportunity to leverage SEPE's network for corporate announcements
  • Presentation of corporate profiles, press releases, and member announcements on SEPE's website
  • Access to the latest developments and data arising from current market regulations and legislation
  • Participation in initiatives, institutional initiatives and events of the association
  • Participation in the largest annual institutional conference for the digital economy, the "digital economy forum"
  • Access to targeted studies that document and propose policies
  • Representation in Digital Europe (European Association for Digital Technology Industry) and WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance)
  • Participation in committees and working groups aimed at shaping policies that promote the development of digital technology in the country, benefiting the economy and society while safeguarding the interests of the sector

We are the voice of innovation. We support the innovation economy and fight against laws and regulations that hinder, restrict, or prohibit the development of digital technology, contributing to the creation of a modern institutional and legal framework that is innovation-friendly and supportive of digital technology.