About SEPE

SEPE, the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications, Enterprises was founded in February 1995 and is the sector’s representative for the digital technology industry, aiming at the development of the Greek economy and society. Approximately, 4,500 small, medium, large, local and multinational companies operate in the Information and Communications Technology and Consumer Electronics Industry sectors in Greece, with more than 230,000 employees. The country’s turnover in the digital technology sector in turns represents 4% of the GDP.

SEPE Goals

  • The rise of public awareness on the importance of digital technology and the transition of our society to an information society for all
  • The modernisation of Public Administration with the use of Digital Technology
  • The development of a high - speed telecommunication network to address and assist the current Communication Infrastructure
  • The representation of the interests and views of the Greek digital technology industry to the government, public and private institutions, international organisations, the European Union, the Media and society
  • The promotion of close partnerships between digital technology companies and the public sector as well as the collaboration with all relevant bodies for the development and effective implementation of a National Strategy for Digital Technology
  • The design and implementation of programs aimed at addressing the needs of small, medium and large enterprises and improving their competitiveness in the market
  • The leverage of digital technology into all levels of the educational system and the evolution of computing literacy and technology expertise
  • The cooperation between the digital technology industry and the educational system in order to coordinate the design of the study curricula according to the market needs.

SEPE’s work focuses in the following areas:

Information Dissemination

SEPE promotes the usage of digital technology throughout the Greek Society, while it closely monitors the progress of “digital economy”. SEPE also produces and publishes a broad range of research reports, statistics and information and through its portal offers a key communication tool for all of its members.

Public Affairs and Lobbying

SEPE monitors, analyses and responds to policies and regulatory developments that affect the digital technology industry; represents the industry to ensure the best possible regulatory and legislative environment. This involves also dealing with issues concerning the ICT projects implemented in the Greek Public Sector.

International Presence

SEPE represents its members at the global digital technology scene, actively participating in many leading international associations:

  • European Digital Technology Association (DIGITALEUROPE),
  • European IT Observatory (EITO),
  • World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)

and other bodies of influence.

Our Vision for the Greek Economy

One of our main objectives is to transform the Greek digital technology sector into a leading strategic industry that will stimulate Greek economy, encourage investment in research and technology, enhance digital literacy and at the same time apply digital technology to address major social challenges.

In today’s global knowledge economy, it is digital technology that is reshaping the economy, driving innovation and dramatic disruptive change across almost every aspect of economic activity.

There are five pillars of excellence that Greece needs to achieve in order to optimise innovation, productivity growth and competitiveness.

  • Exploitation of digital technology across the private sector,
  • Improvement of the public sector efficiency by harnessing digital technology,
  • Technology adoption and innovation leveraged by consumers,
  • A strong digital technology sector that can support and drive economy - wide innovation,
  • A coherent policy framework that underpins tech-enabled productivity growth.