WCIT 2017

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2017), which is known as the "Olympic Congress of the Communications Industry", will be held in Taiwan on September 10th – 13th.

WCIT has always been hosted in western countries in the past 10 years. Starting from 2017, it will be organized by Asian countries for the 5 consecutive years. In its first year in Asia, as being the host country, Taiwan transforms WCIT 2017 into a different face. More than a conference, speech and forum-based, WCIT 2017 will be enhanced to the scale of an exhibition. “Taiwan , Living The Digital Dream!” to be the exhibition theme. It delivers a message to the world: with only three thousandths of the world’s population, Taiwan has accomplished many world firsts. This event will lead everyone to create a great starting point, to practice digital dream, to meet future hope and have the world to see this beautiful island and its prides.

This exhibition will integrate highlights and accomplishments from the government, industry, corporate, media, and public associations to showcase 5G telecommunication, IoT, AI, AR, VR, Smart City, Smart Production, Smart Business, Intelligent care, digital learning, mobile business and other new trends and innovation applications. A strong lineup of exhibitors is including government units (MOEA, MOTC, MOHW, NPA, EPA, COA, Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Government, Taoyuan City Government, and National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, etc.), foundation institutions (ITRI, III, NCSIST, TTRI, MIRDC, FIRDI, CPC, SOIC, and PTRI, etc.), corporations (China Telecom, Foxconn, CTBC Bank, E. Sun Bank, Lite-on, FarEasTone, CyberLink, Perfect Crop, The Syscom Group, ASE Group, IEI Integration, Planet Technology, Quanta Computer, Gjun Information, TECO, Gemtek, Tauyuan MRT System, HTC, ADATA, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dr. Advice, Keydex Innovation,and Mitsubishi, etc.), and other media and associations such as Business Next, TAITRA, CISA, UDN, ASOCIO, AFACT eASIA Award, WITSA & WEDS winners, and France Office in Taiwan.

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