Firefox could soon block cryptominers and fingerprinters

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11 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

Firefox could soon protect your PC from cryptominers and fingerprinting techniques (which follow you around the web when you use different browsers on the same computer).As Bleeping Computer reports, Mozilla has been considering ways to block these threats since May 2018, and intended to implement a solution in Firefox 63, but such a feature was nowhere to be seen when version 63 appeared in October.In a recent bug report, developer Johann Hoffman posted a mockup illustrating how cryptomining and fingerprinting protection could be integrated into Firefox's custom blocking preferences. Check out our full guide to the best web browsersOn your phone? See the best browsers for AndroidKeep your browsing private with the best browser extension VPN The two new options will appear in your browser security settings. If you visit a site that contains 'blockable content', clicking a notification in your browser's address bar will reveal whether any fingerprinters or cryptominers have been detected. What is fingerprinting? Unlike tracking cookies, fingerprinters identify you using parts your PC's unique configuration that are visible to all browsers.A fingerprint can be built using a combination of your screen resolution, your list of installed fonts, and various settings related to your graphics card, including the way it renders certain objects. The best internet security suites of 2019

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