Take a peek into the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator for your next snack break

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11 Οκτωβρίου 2018

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives – wandered over to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, and stared blankly up and down at the shelves to see what’s good to snack on. While this technically is the only way to know what’s inside your fridge, gaping at the contents of your fridge while the fridge door is wide open is a great way to lose all the precious cold air inside that actually keeps your food fresh.Luckily, that’s all about to change with the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, with its unique Instaview Door-in-door feature. We’ve seen the Door-in-door feature on LG’s refrigerator before, but what’s new is that with two simple knocks, the usually opaque panel turns completely transparent, letting you quickly take a peek inside before opening the fridge door to grab a drink or a snack.  Tired of having to make countless trips back and forth to the fridge when putting your groceries away? Well with the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator’s new Auto Open Door feature, you can have both arms carrying things and still be able to open the fridge door. Simply step on the ‘Open Door’ sign projected on your floor, and the fridge will automatically prop the door open for you to put away your groceries. It’s especially useful when you’re putting away drink bottles and need to use both hands to carry a few at a time.A similar feature extends to the freezer compartment as well, for easy access to everything you’re storing there. Just open the freezer compartment and the drawers automatically slide out so you can access any section of the freezer. No more digging through frozen foods to find your favourite tub of ice cream – with plenty of space available you can keep particular foods within easy reach at any time.Of course, the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator also boasts other excellent improvements from LG, such as the Inverter Linear Compressor, which automatically adjusts its cooling capacity resulting in quieter operation and more effective cooling.There’s also a massive 31 cubic feet of storage available in total, including the versatile CustomChill Pantry, which offers different temperature settings for storing a wide range of foods. Not to mention it’s all presented in a gorgeous attention-grabbing stainless-steel finish, making it the pride of place in any kitchen.

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