Reproduce the genuine look of film in your digital photos with this $20 bundle


25 Ιανουαρίου 2023

Remember when you’d take a photograph and then have to send out the film for processing? Yeah, that was inconvenient. Still, the resulting images were often more lifelike than the digital ones we produce today. This is why, if you are a photographer and long for the look of real film, you might consider getting the PSD Film Emulation Photoshop Actions Mega Bundle. If you use Photoshop CS5 or better, then this bundle is an ideal addition to your tool kit. It features 128 different films and 20-grain patterns that let you emulate, as closely as possible, the look of real film in a digital photograph. It’s more accurate than Lightroom, you can choose between a variety of styles, and it produces ultra-realistic color schemes too.  For some photographers, only film will do. But processing times and costs make it unrealistic, especially today when people expect a lightning-fast turnaround. The solution? Get the PSD Film Emulation Photoshop Actions Mega Bundle — which is a very affordable option since it’s on sale this week for just $19.99, a savings of 48 percent off the regular price.   PSD Film Emulation Photoshop Actions MEGA BUNDLE – $19.99 See Deal Prices subject to change. Camera Accessories

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