Yanked iOS 16.2 feature will be restored with ‘version 2’ in an upcoming update


25 Ιανουαρίου 2023

Back in December, Apple pulled one of iOS 16’s biggest features, the new Home architecture that was supposed to be “more reliable and efficient.” According to a reference spotted in iOS 16.3, Apple has scrapped the original version and will soon be pushing out a new one. According to Nicolas Alvarez and AppleDB Contributor Aaron on Twitter, the original Home architecture was “a buggy failure” and has been completely rewritten. References to “hh2ManualMigrationV2Enabled” have been spotted in iOS 16.3 to replace the previous “hh2ManualMigrationEnabled”. Definitely seems like it https://t.co/6ENJtP8pGJ pic.twitter.com/cFHQ7f1IZF— Aaron (@aaronp613) January 24, 2023 Users who previously updated will presumably need to reinstall the new version when it arrives, though Apple has said previous upgraders “are unaffected” by the removal of the upgrade option. A support document quickly appeared explaining that the upgrade options had been “temporarily removed” and that the option to upgrade would “return soon.” According to Apple, the issue is related to “the ability for users to share the Home within the Home app,” though the move to a new version suggests there were deeper problems. Before Apple pulled the update, users complained of issues with the app getting stuck and devices not responding. The iOS 16.3 update arrived on Monday with several fixes, but the Home architecture was absent despite appearing in the second beta. However, the code strings suggest development is well on its way and it could arrive at any point in an iOS 16.3.1 update or an update to the Home app. iOS

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